Maribeth St Cyr

What is the Bengston Energy Healing Method®?

The Bengston Energy Healing Method is a powerful energy-based healing method that uses an innovative technique developed by researcher William Bengston, PhD. The scientific approach of practicing, hypothesizing and questioning this healing method on humans and animals has been conducted in controlled studies over the course of several decades throughout several university medical and biological laboratories. Dr. Bengston’s research has shown that the Bengston Energy Healing Method appears to hyper-stimulate an immune system that is battling health challenges such as cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, asthma, cysts, auto-immune diseases, allergies, some neurological conditions, emotional conditions and more.


What is to be expected during Bengston Energy Healing Method® treatments?

Very common side effects of treatments are extreme emotional reactions and vivid dreams. The medical field of psychoneuroimmunology shows that emotional issues very frequently underlie physical disease, and it appears that Bengston treatments work simultaneously on any foundational emotional challenges as well as the physical disease to clear both aspects. Firstly, the Bengston Energy Healing Method must be performed by someone who has been trained by Dr. Bengston. This method also has no ties to spirituality or belief, meaning there is no requirement for the client to believe in the techniques involved or the results of this method. If the session is in person, the client is asked to sit in a comfortable position while this method is performed. If the session is a distance healing, we recommend that the client is in a comfortable setting that would allow for relaxation.

Are you recommending that I use the Bengston Energy Healing Method® instead of getting chemo or radiation treatments?

Neither Dr. Bengston nor Maribeth are medical physicians. We make no diagnoses, we do not counsel people on the course of their treatment, and we make no recommendations regarding treatment options. Again, we strongly advise individuals to seek medical professional advice as appropriate before making any health decisions


How can you make the most of your Bengston Energy Healing Method® sessions?

Results from the Bengston Energy Healing Method may be seen immediately. However, to process the amount and the frequency of energy that is received from a Bengston energy treatment, the human body appears to take approximately a week. Within that timeframe, keep in mind that energy methods that attempt to set or tune a certain frequency (eg. magnetic therapy, qi gong, Rife therapy, etc.) appear to limit the Bengston Method's energy's ability to reach its full healing effectiveness. Due to the high-powered nature of the Bengston Method's energy, it appears to operate on its own frequency that may be interrupted by other frequencies.

Why do I need to Image Cycle?

Clinical experience indicates that patients who do their own “image cycling,” a method of generating energy developed by Dr. Bengston, during their treatment programs have better outcomes. This is the method that your practitioner will use to generate the healing energy. If planning on scheduling more than one Bengston Energy Healing Method® session, initial sessions will be scheduled to include image cycling training.

How do I know if it is working?

If a client feels uncomfortable after a treatment, it is an indication that healing is likely happening. Keep in mind the healing goes where your body needs it most, first. We offer the healing as a "take what you need" to your body, and your body decides where to direct it. With that, if we are working on your knee injury, but your allergies keep you from breathing properly, you may find your body "takes" the energy to heal your allergies before your knee pain subsides. Or, when working with a tumor, for example: a tumor may get softer and larger before it implodes and disappears. The method seems to help “clear” stuck emotional conditions and there can be some long over-due emotional issues that suddenly become important to deal with. Sometimes clients get a “sample” of what was stuck in their energy field as it leaves! Deep personal insight about the meaning of the illness in one’s biography is common. The method works multi-dimensionally. A good healing often rearranges not only the body but also any toxic relationships to people or work.


Can I do the Bengston Energy Healing Method® on myself?

Unfortunately not. Reiki may be the only form of energy therapy that you can use to treat yourself. It appears that, like most forms of energy medicine, the Bengston Energy Healing Method® must be performed by someone trained to do the therapy.

How can I learn more about the Bengston Energy Healing Method®?

Please go to Dr. Bengston’s website at Also, the book entitled The Energy Cure by Dr. Bengston explains the development of this therapy, and his set of CDs, Hands-On Healing, teaches the basic principles of the method. You can order the book and CDs from Amazon.

How can I get a course of therapy?

Email me at [email protected] The fee is $500 for eight sessions, and I accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Paypal and Cashapp for payment. 

At the time you call to make payment, we will schedule all appointments for you.

For acute conditions such as injury or illness, sessions are $75 each. 

 Covid sessions must be done as distance healing.

 I do not need any medical records, but I require a detailed description of your most recent diagnosis. For chronic conditions you must be under the care of a doctor.

. If you are receiving the therapy on Zoom, I need your full name, address and a recent photo of you all of which you can email to me.

 I also ask that, within 48 hours after a treatment, you email me and let me know how you are feeling. If you want to share what you experienced during the treatment I am happy to hear about that. But it is more important for you to describe any physical, mental and emotional changes, however subtle they may be, during the days following the treatment.

After we have completed all eight sessions, we will assess your response to the treatments. If there are no changes whatsoever, this may not be a suitable therapy for you at this time. If any changes occur, you are encouraged to continue with more sessions at the rate of $75 per session. No refunds will be provided regardless of outcome.

I ask that communication during the course of therapy, including updates, questions and responses, be via email so that we can track and save data and other documentation in writing. If email isn’t available, a recorded Zoom session may sometimes be provided.

If turning to The Bengston Energy Healing Method® due to a diagnosis such as cancer, we strongly advise seeking professional medical advice. Maribeth St Cyr is not a medical physician. We do not diagnose disease or illness, nor will we counsel you on a course of treatments following diagnoses.