Maribeth St Cyr

Magical Consult

Consultation begins the journey to see if a magical working is the right solution to your problem.  

Consultation: $25.00 for 30 minutes

Sigil Magic to remedy your issue-$100

Spirit Working to remedy your issue-$100


Sigil Magic Class

Join me each month for this fun and informative class.    Sigil Magic is a results oriented method to manifest your desires.  This comprehensive class provides you with the tools and materials to perform Sigil Magic.  

Next class is Friday, September 24th at 5:30pm Mountain time.  Use contact page or email for payment info and zoom link.

Class Fee $25.00

email:[email protected] for zoom link

Energy Healing

I am a Bengston Method Energy Healer.  This modality has been researched to provide healing and relief for many diseases and ailments.  Distance healing is available as well as "a take home"' tool to continue healing after a session. 

Healing sessions are available by appointment.

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Dream Interpretation

Using archetypes and Jungian concepts, dreams can be translated into an understandable narrative that is relevant to one's current life.  Dream work can be done in person or over the telephone at the dream creators convenience.  

Call 505-250-4311

Dream translation: $10.00 per session.